QuirksMode.org reader survey, part II

In December I held a QuirksMode reader survey on Urtak. It had 69 questions, and about 59,000 answers were given by about 1,100 respondents. A few weeks back I published part 1 of my survey. Here’s the next few findings.

About one quarter of the total number of questions was submitted by readers — and some of them are very interesting ones. Even better, I had to reject only a quarter or so of the submitted reader questions. So the collaborative aspect of Urtak is a resounding success.

This entry gives some information about your way of working, your relation to this site, and device ownership.

There’s one restriction on the cross-tabs: at least 100 people must have replied Yes to the first question in order to get a more-or-less representative response. If the total number is less I refuse to publish the cross-tab.

Incidentally, you can create cross-tabs yourself at the site. Play with the data if you feel like it.


Urtak allows you to create cross-tabs of two questions (and no more than two). My primary interest is to see whether my European and US respondents differed. In the mobile questions I also split up iPhone and Android users.

58% of you live in Europe and 30% in the US — the rest lives somewhere else. 42% of you has an iPhone as primary phone, against 35% Android.

The US has clearly more iPhone users, and Europe more Android users. Still, because more Europeans were surveyed, most iPhone users live in Europe.

About you
Question All Europe US iPhone Android
Do you live in Europe? 58% - - 56% 61%
Do you live in the US? 30% - - 35% 29%
Is your primary phone an iPhone? 42% 41% 49% - -
Is your primary phone an Android? 35% 37% 33% - -

(How to read: 56% of those using an iPhone as primary phone live in Europe. 41% of those who live in Europe use an iPhone as primary phone.)

Your way of working

A few questions about your way of working. Americans are more likely to use a Mac and at least two screens, while Europeans care more for Opera and for low-bandwidth sites. HTML5 and CSS3 are now used across the board (81%), and new features are routinely used without a fallback (69%).

72% uses jQuery in most of their projects, while 30% uses another library and 42% prefers native JS. These numbers do not add up. Do a few people use both jQuery and another library in every single project? I hope not. The native JS question asked for preferences, and not actual behaviour, so that might explain the overlap with the other categories.

About your way of working
Question Yes Europe US
Is your primary workstation a Mac? 43% 41% 51%
Does your primary development setup have at least 2 screens? 65% 60% 76%
Do you primarily develop desktop websites? 83% 83% 85%
Do you specialize in mobile web development or design? 24% 24% 25%
Do you use HTML5 and CSS3 routinely when developing new web sites? 81% 81% 82%
Are you using new features that older browser versions do not support without a fallback (in either CSS or JS)? 69% 70% 67%
Do all your sites work with CSS and JavaScript disabled? 41% 44% 40%
Do you test your sites in Opera desktop? 51% 60% 40%
Do you use jQuery in most of your projects? 72% 71% 75%
Do you use one single library that's not jQuery in most of your projects? 30% 30% 28%
Do you prefer using native JS as opposed to a library? 42% 40% 37%
Do you optimize your websites for low-bandwidth (mobile) users? 52% 55% 45%
Do you use Unit testing while developing a project? 42% 42% 43%
Do you try (i.e. almost always) to keep a change log of your work? 70% - -
Do you test landscape and portrait mode specifically? 72% - -

The last two questions were submitted late in the poll, and haven’t garnered enough replies for cross-tabs.


Then the part that interests me most: how do you interact with QuirksMode.org? What surprised me most is that only 43% follows me on Twitter. Since I used Twitter as the main marketing tool for this survey I expected that number to be far higher. Europeans and iPhone users are more likely to follow me.

Android users are more likely to visit this site at least once per week, while US residents and iPhone users are marginally more likely to donate.

About your relation to QuirksMode.org
Question Yes Europe US iPhone Android
Do you follow ppk on Twitter? 43% 48% 33% 50% 41%
Do you go to QuirksMode at least once a week? 36% 35% 38% 33% 38%
Have you ever donated money to QuirksMode? 5% 6% 7% 7% 5%
Do you like the blogposts about the mobile market? 80% 80% 84% 83% 83%
Do you like the Linkbait posts? 60% 63% 56% 58% 62%
Do you like the posts about mobile web development? 95% 95% 92% 97% 95%

Device ownership

Finally, what devices do people own? Remember, iPhone and Android are those whose primary phone is iPhone or Android, not those who own such a device. Regardless, some people are confused. 2% of those whose primary phone is an Android don’t actually own an Android phone. For iPhone this is 1%. ??!?! (Unless a few people use the device, but do not own it; for instance because their employer bought it for them. Possible, I suppose.)

The geographical differences are clear: Europeans are far more likely to own a Symbian, MeeGo, or S40 phone (figures, seeing Nokia has hardly any market share in the US). Oddly, the same goes for Windows Phone, and I hadn’t expected that.

Americans are more likely to own a gaming console, a Kindle, a webOS device, or a Chromebook. The first and last mildly surprise me, the other two don’t.

iPhone users are more likely to own lots of phones, and generally score higher on all phone types but Symbian, webOS, and bada. Android users are more likely to own a Chromebook.

About the devices you own
Question All Europe US iPhone Android
Do you own an iPhone? 45% 42% 53% 99% 11%
Do you own an Android phone? 44% 45% 45% 21% 98%
Do you own a gaming console with a browser? 40% 34% 54% 46% 42%
Do you own a Symbian phone? 19% 23% 5% 14% 19%
Do you own a Kindle? 18% 14% 28% 24% 22%
Do you own a Windows Phone? 8% 9% 6% 6% 4%
Do you own an S40 phone? 8% 10% 2% 6% 6%
Do you own more than five phones? (Not tablets) 8% 7% 9% 10% 6%
Do you own a webOS phone? 7% 6% 11% 7% 8%
Do you own a BlackBerry phone? 6% 6% 8% 8% 4%
Do you own a Chromebook? 3% 1% 7% 1% 4%
Do you own a Samsung bada phone? 3% 2% 1% 2% 3%
Do you own a MeeGo phone? 2% 3% 0 2% 0

I have now published all the questions. Maybe I'll create some new interesting cross-tabs later.

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