Mobilism announces Remy Sharp

On 10th and 11th of May the second edition of Mobilism will take place in Amsterdam. Like last year, it will concentrate on all aspects of the mobile web. For an idea what we’re going to do, see last year’s coverage, or watch my session.

For this edition we’re happy to welcome Remy Sharp, well known for his work on and the Full Frontal conference. He'll have a thing or two to say about coding mobile websites.

Take a look at the programme page yourself: our line-up is progressing quite nicely, to the point where we have a provisional schedule. We have a few more announcements up our sleeve! Apart from world-class speakers, we’ll likely announce a second panel, in addition to the mobile browser panel that was such a success last year. However, negotiations on this panel are still ongoing, so we won't tell you more just yet. And in addition to that, we'll host some workshops on 9th of May. So stay tuned!

And it’s in May in Amsterdam, when the city is at its most beautiful. So what’s not to like? Buy your ticket now!

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