A quick Siri note

I’ve never actually played with Siri yet, so this example might be somewhat off the mark. And I made up the site. Still, it’s something we should keep in mind — especially accessibility specialists.

Siri, please fetch me the QuickChristmasShop homepage.
Got it.
Siri, please read it to me.
Logo of QuickChristmasShop
Link: Products-Slash-A-Eight-Seven-Two-C-Nine-B-One-Five-Nine-Six-D
Link: Products-Slash-C-Nine-Four-Two-C-Eight-Five-B-Nine-One-D
Link: Products-Slash-F-Three-Four-Six-A-Seven-Five-A-One-Six-D
Link: Products-Slash-D-Four...
Never mind.

Making sure your site can be read by a screen reader just got a whole lot more important, wouldn’t you say?

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