Mobilism workshops: Frankfurt

The Mobilism conference is still nine months away. If you can’t wait that long for good advice on the mobile web, you could come to one of our workshops.

On 28th and 29th of September we’ll go to Frankfurt, where we’ll settle down for two days in the Pulse Club to discuss the mobile web with you.

Mobilism workshops are a two-day affair where at least half of the time is spent in actually testing websites on mobile devices; including a few you’ve never even heard of. The other half of the time is taken up by PPK and Stephen Hay talking about various aspects of mobile web design and development.

Still, we are not big believers in workshops where the teacher talks for eight hours straight. Therefore the idea is that you take a genuine project you have to work on for a genuine client, or, failing that, a mobile experiment you’re working on.

We will take plenty of test phones, including a few obscure ones such as the Nokia N950 (MeeGo), the HTC Smart (Brew MP), or a low-end LG Android, that we can try stuff on. See the description page for a full overview of what we’ll do.

In November we’ll repeat the experience in Brighton and Amsterdam.

We’ll let you know, and we hope to see you at one of our workshops.

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