Steve Souders joins Mobilism

A month ago Steve Souders announced he was going to shift his focus to mobile. That’s good news, because mobile peformance is pretty much a terra incognita, and we badly need more information. If the pre-eminent specialist on performance wants to figure it all out for us, we’ll be glad to leave the hard work to him.

His secondary purpose was to be invited to speak at Mobilism, as he expressly acknowledged. So we had the tough choice of either changing our schedule to incorporate another speaker, or to ignore the express wishes of the master of performance. In the end we decided on the former, also because this is the first time someone announces a major career shift in order to speak at one of our conferences.

Anyway, we’re glad we can announce Steve Souders as our fifteenth Mobilism speaker; 12th and 13th of May, Amsterdam. Unsurprisingly, he will talk about his mobile peformance findings, most of which will be completely novel.

There are still plenty of tickets available; also for Brian Leroux’s and Luke Wroblewski’s workshops that will take place on Wenesday 11th of May, the day before the conference. So what are you waiting for? Buy one already!

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