Mobilism 2011

I already mentioned this a little while ago, but now it’s official: Mobilism 2011, one of the first conferences dedicated entirely to mobile web development, will take place in Amsterdam on the 12th and 13th of May, and ticket sales have started.

We’ve got quite an impressive speakers’ list for you, with speakers known and unknown who have in common that they started out on the web but at one point or another decided to take their talent to mobile.

As a result we have planned a varied two days, with topics ranging from designing for mobile first, via creating UX designs for desktop and mobile, CSS media queries and meta viewports, to bandwidth preservation, the gory details of HTML5 apps, and device APIs.

Even better, the conference will be quite small, with only 280 attendees in total. Also we aim at keeping the conference unsponsored.

Tickets cost €595, except that we have released 50 early-bird tickets for only €455. When they’re gone they’re gone, so if you want to save yourself some money you’d better hurry.

I hope to see some of my readers at Mobilism 2011.

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