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San Francisco; Yahoo! and Voices that Matter

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Yesterday morning I returned from my first visit to San Francisco, where I delivered my first real solo presentation at the Voices that Matter: Web Design conference, as well as visiting Yahoo! and wandering around town a bit. All in all it was a wonderful experience.

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VTM slides

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Just now I finished my presentation at the Voices that Matter conference in San Francisco. At the request of New Riders and my audience, I've put the slides online (as a PDF).

Get them here.

Going to San Francisco

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Maybe this notice is a bit late, but next Tuesday I'll hop on board the plane that will take me to San Francisco for a ten day stay (Wed. 17th to Fri. 26th).

I've never been there before (in fact, this will be only the second time I visit the US), and I'm very curious about this great city where everybody's rumoured to talk about CSS all the time, which is supposed to be quite a bit like Amsterdam (at least, that's what a San Franciscan once told me), and whose praises have been sung many times over, even though the requirement to put flowers in your hair seems to have been scrapped somewhere during the Reagan administration.

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ToughQuiz VII - The semantics of subtitles

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Currently I'm working on the HTML of a ministry site, and I encountered one persistent problem that I don't know the "right" answer to: subtitles. Which tag do we use for them? A header, or not? I don't really know, and I'd like to ask your opinion.

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Reversed spam?

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Lately, my Technorati page shows more and more odd links to my site on pages like this. The "Online Casinos News Life Luxury Reports" link at the bottom links to this site.

Can anyone explain why spammers think this is a good idea? I don't mind having a bit of extra traffic, but for the life of me I can't understand why spammers want this, too. This site is not an Online Casinos News Life Luxury Reports, after all.

Maybe I can make a lot of money with this. If people want to gamble online, I'm more than willing to accept their money. Maybe I should write a Texas Hold-em script. In fact, I think I did exactly that a few years back. Let's see if I can find the script.

Any clarification is welcome.


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