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IE 7 and JavaScript: what needs to be fixed?

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Recently Erik Arvidsson lamented the lack of JavaScript progress in IE 7. Strictly speaking he's right, of course: there are few JavaScript bug fixes in the new release, because Microsoft has made CSS fixes its priority. Microsoft has done what it's promised, and it never promised us JavaScript fixes for this release.

That said, everybody knows there are a few things lacking in IE's JavaScript support. The point of this entry is to start creating a list with specific wishes for JavaScript improvements in IE. When it's done and when Microsoft starts thinking about the next version we can present it.

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Explorer refuses to execute replaceChild() in second or subsequent session window

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In a project I'm currently working on I encountered an Explorer bug that depends on the window you open a page with.

I post it here because I know that MSIE team members occasionally read my blog, and I have the faint hope that can they solve this bug, especially since it's messing up one of my projects (and, after all, what in the world is more important than my projects going smoothly <grin>, particularly when I have another important and exciting project that should be finished quickly but is held up by this bug).

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Frontal nudity

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Nakedness sweeps the Web thanks to Dustin Diaz. I myself definitely decline to go without a modest bit of garment, so the navigation and logo frames will remain styled, as well as the content pages. In order to support the Cause I did disable my homepage's style sheets.

The idea was to catch those bits of markup that don't degrade too well without CSS, and as you can see there are a few on my homepage. These will be fixed in the continuously upcoming redesign.

Update: styles restored. I felt too naked without them.


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