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Opacity setting

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It turns out that not all table elements are susceptible to opacity. The TR, especially, is obnoxious, and that's a pity because I really needed to set its opacity.

See the new Opacity setting page for the details and a test.

Memory leak mystery

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In my ongoing quest for memory leaks I've come upon a mystery. A script that should leak memory according to the definitions and the experts, doesn't. Why not? I have no idea.

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Memory leaks linkdump

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Since the comments to my previous posts contain a few useful links to memory leaks and closure resources, I thought I'd create a linkdump for future reference. Note that I only included those articles that explain what they're doing and why and give code examples. I ignored the pages that just throw scripts over the fence and leave it to the reader to figure out what they're all about.

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Creating memory leak test scripts - take 3

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I made an obvious error in my previous round of experiments. We're going to start afresh.

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More on creating memory leak test scripts

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The plot thickens. I now have succesfully created a simple function that causes memory leaks. The problem is, I don't understand why.

Update: Incorrect experiments. This entry is closed.

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How do I create a memory leak test script?

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It becomes more and more apparent that creating the new addEvent() function is not for the fainthearted. I underestimated the many problems, and in the comments to my previous entry compelling arguments were raised against the winning code.

I've decided to take a few steps back and study the problem before messing about with the solution. I want to write a script that leaks memory. I'd like to judge how bad it is in practice and I'd like to see some practical code examples. Unfortunately I just can't get any function to leak memory. I'm afraid I just don't get it.

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... and the winner is ...

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Well, that wasn't what anyone would call fast. Scott, Dean and I all had trouble making time to judge the contest. Besides, the quality of most of the entries was less and their length far greater than we'd expected. We had to wade through dozens of lines of script that didn't really make much sense to us, and that weren't really necessary to perform the job at hand.

Despite this disappointment we have determined a winner.

...<drumroll />...

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Contest judging - first round

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I know, I know. I'm terribly late, not to say distinctly overdue, in judging the addEvent() recoding contest. The main reasons are that my clients now actively gang up on me to prevent me working on anything but their projects, and that the bit of spare time I've managed to squeeze from them is almost entirely taken by a very exciting new project that I hope to unveil within the next few weeks.

That said, today I finally found the time for the first round. I took a quick look at all the entries and judged them on formal grounds.

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