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Mobilism shares loot: 40 devices for our attendees

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Mobilism 2012 will be sponsored by BlackBerry, Nokia, Intel, Google, HP, Adobe PhoneGap, and Microsoft. Of these seven sponsors, four will give us ten devices each that we'll share out among our attendees:

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Breaking Development slides

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My slides from Breaking Development Orlando, where I held my Mobile Platform World presentation, are up now.

It was a fun conference, and if you’re interested in the mobile web and don’t want to travel to Mobilism in Amsterdam, the next Breaking Development in September in Dallas is a good option.

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MoBeers slides

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Yesterday’s MoBeers slides are up.

This is the second draft of my Viewports presentations, and it has evolved somewhat since my talk in San Francisco last Friday.

I’ll still be in the US for a week and will still talk at Breaking Development about the Mobile Browser World. See you there?

US tour slides so far

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Three legs of my US tour are now done and dusted. Here are links to my slides, and the rest of my schedule.

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Final Mobilism line-up notes

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On 10th and 11th of May the second edition of Mobilism will take place in Amsterdam. Like last year, it will concentrate on all aspects of the mobile web.

The Mobilism line-up is complete now. We have one more item to announce: a device/network API panel featuring representatives from W3C, PhoneGap, and Blue Via to discuss how web developers will get access to phone functionality such as the address book and the camera, as well as access to payment systems that tie in with the mobile operator.

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