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Notes on the web, take 2

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Today I updated the Thidrekssaga mini site with a first attempt at a decent mobile view. I also did some work on the mobile view for the notes, and I’m asking for a quick review.

As I discussed two weeks ago I want the notes to my texts to be visible at all times in order to emulate the footnote experience in books. I was worried about mobile devices, since with their narrow screens there is not much space to show both the main text and the notes.

I was afraid I’d have to show the notes under the paragraph they belong to, but today I figured out a way to avoid that and keep them in the margin. My question is if this system is good enough.

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Notes on the web, take 1

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I decided to definitively solve the problem of notes on the web in the context of my Thidrekssaga side project. What I offer today is not that definitive solution, but just my first take. I’m looking for feedback.

So let’s talk notes.

First we should ask ourselves how notes should work on the web. Then we’ll look at the technical details of my first take.

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