Breaking Development slides

My slides from Breaking Development Orlando, where I held my Mobile Platform World presentation, are up now.

It was a fun conference, and if you’re interested in the mobile web and don’t want to travel to Mobilism in Amsterdam, the next Breaking Development in September in Dallas is a good option.

Unfortunately I was so tired that I didn’t appear at all on day 2 of the conference. My apologies, but I’ve been traveling for more than two weeks now, and the stress was getting to me.

In a few hours I’ll fly home, and I think this will be my last big trip for a while. In September I will be at From the Front in Bologna, but after that I will go off the conference track for a while. I want some time to actually do some work.

The good part is: staying at home more means more blog posts. I’m way behind on my stats posts, and I hope to change that in the next few weeks. And the more research I do, the more I have to talk about, both on my blog and at conferences in 2013.

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