US tour slides so far

Three legs of my US tour are now done and dusted. Here are links to my slides, and the rest of my schedule.

  1. At An Event Apart Seattle I talked about the touch events. The slides are on the AEA website, and not on mine, for once.
  2. At the SF HTML5 gathering I talked about viewports for the very first time. Here are my slides.
  3. During my workshop I repeated two presentations: first the Mobile Browser World one I also did at Paris Web in October, and then the Touch Events I did at AEA.

Two more public talks remain:

  1. On Tuesday I’ll be in Kitchener, Ontario, for MoBeers. I’m going to repeat my Viewport presentation there, and I hope to have the time to revise my slides somewhat. Right now they’re OK, but they could use some upgrading.
  2. Then a week later I’ll be in Orlando at Breaking Development where I’ll present a significantly revised version of The Mobile Browser World.

MoBeers seems to be sold out, but there are still a few tickets to be had for Breaking Development. If you’re a US web developer who wants to go mobile you cannot afford not to be there. So buy that ticket and arrange your trip. I’ll see you there.

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