Videos from Fronteers 2008

As I think I said before, five of the eight sessions of the second day of Fronteers 2008 have been taped.

The videos are done now; you can watch them on the bachelor-ict site (these are the people who organised, and paid for, the actual taping).

On the front page you find short interviews with most of our speakers. The purple blocks say "Bekijk de presentatie", which means "View presentation", and you have to click on those links to access the actual presentations.

The presentations of Pete LePage, Raph de Rooij, Chris Heilmann and Stuart Langridge are available. In addition, you can watch the panel that Bruce Lawson and Vasilis van Gemert did on the homepage.

Happy watching.

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1 Posted by Sander on 18 October 2008 | Permalink

As an addition to the above, a complete overview of all available slides and videos can also be found on the Fronteers site:

2 Posted by Mark on 18 October 2008 | Permalink

Can you give some links to this recording?

3 Posted by Cheryl on 28 October 2008 | Permalink

Thanks for posting the videos was great seeing it and hearing it instead of just reading about it!