Slides from acessible Ajax workshop at Fundamentos Web

Yesterday I did my first five-hour workshop at the Fundamentos Web conference in Gijón. It went well, I think, even though today my legs still hurt a bit from standing up so much.

Frankly, at the start I was a bit worried about possible language problems, but it soon turned out that all audience members spoke and understood English, although I did hear a few whispered translations during some particularly dense technical parts.

I talked about several aspects of accessible Ajax. I had prepared sections about unobtrusive JavaScript in general (taken from my An Event Apart presentation), Hijax (custom-made, but rather in a hurry), JavaScript Events (taken from my Kings of Code presentation), and Performance (taken from Steve Souders’ book, obviously).

Here are the slides (PDF, 975K) of the official workshop presentation.

However, because I had some time left I dusted off parts of two other presentations. Initially I left out the part about the change event (PDF, 200K), but as soon as I was finished with the Events part an audience member told me he had serious trouble getting the change event to work; which is perfectly normal seeing that both W3C and IE have made grave mistakes in defining and implementing it. So talked a bit about this event, to the dismay of the audience.

My official presentation finished when there was still about an hour left, and when an audience member asked me if I preferred XML or JSON for data transfer, I decided to repeat part of my @media Ajax presentation of a year ago (PDF, 760K). I presented slides 37 to 69.

All in all this was a good experience, and I’d like to give more workshops around the world, if anyone is interested. In fact, someone at the conference hinted he might organise one in Barcelona, which is fine by me because it’s supposed to be a wonderful city and I’ve never been there.

If anything comes of this I’ll let you know.

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1 Posted by Paul on 29 October 2008 | Permalink

I was there. I have been and I will be the perpetual student and I should say that I congratulate to you again for your incredible capacity to transmit, to communicate and to rouse with your explanations.

As soon as I have a little more time I will send you some pictures of your workshop, so you could remember better in a future your step in Asturias.

Regards Paul

2 Posted by Jose Pita on 30 October 2008 | Permalink

We spoke an understood english, so do you.

The workshop was very interesting and useful. I want to recommend you to all web event organizer...

Congratulations and thanks for the slides!

3 Posted by Raúl López on 30 October 2008 | Permalink

Great, I loved the workshop. I'm just wanting to ask you a question. What javascript framework do you use?

thanks for the slides too lol

4 Posted by Luis on 31 October 2008 | Permalink

Yeah, it's the city I live in and you should come!

Your book was the first one I read about web development so I'd be glad about 4 years later, to assist such conference in Barcelona so, let us know.


5 Posted by Xavier on 23 November 2008 | Permalink

Thanks for the slides, PPK (I missed the afternoon session). Let me know if you come to Barcelona!

Here are some pictures of you I took: