The Ajax Experience - dustup

Well, one more conference done and dusted, and The Ajax Experience was definitely fun to do, not least because it allowed me to return to Boston.

Currently I’m sitting in the hotel bar with a few hours to kill, so this is as good a time as any for some impressions:

Hope to be here next year, too. I think this is my last US visit until SxSW party time comes around again.

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1 Posted by Karl Swedberg on 3 October 2008 | Permalink

It was a pleasure to hear your presentation on the state of the browser, as well as the panel you moderated.

I, too, was impressed by the level of expertise of the attendees, but since it's the only conference I've attended (not including last year's TAE and the jQuery conferences), I don't really have a basis for comparison.


2 Posted by TNO on 3 October 2008 | Permalink

Since the percentage of archaic browser users are higher than expected, do you have any plans to expand the compatibility tables to include them? IE5, and NS5 perhaps?

3 Posted by Andrew Dupont on 5 October 2008 | Permalink

Yes, Chris needs a keeper, yet he cannot be contained. Can you know the mighty ocean? Can you lasso a star from the sky? Can you say to a rainbow... 'Hey, stop being a rainbow for a second'? No! Such is Chris.

Yeah, we Prototype people were the smallest group, mostly because we're the smallest team as well. The Dojo guys are quite accepting of outsiders, though, if their SXSW excursions to The Salt Lick are any indication.

Anyway, regarding Android: you should be able to download a simulator and run your tests inside their WebKit-based browser right now. Not as sexy as testing it on a device, of course, but then the G1 isn't all that sexy anyway.

4 Posted by ppk on 6 October 2008 | Permalink

I'll try to contain Chris again at the next conference, even though I feel I'll fail.

As to the Android simulator, I've never trusted any simulator since the time I downloaded one for a mobile phone (I forget which one, but it's long ago) and it turned out to use the IE rendering engine on my computer!

In other words, a simulator without a full rendering engine is useless.

Now if the Android simulator specifically noted that it includes the Android rendering engine (and not just any Webkit-based one), I'd use it, but as matters stand today I won't.

5 Posted by Anni Perkson on 18 October 2008 | Permalink

"coding sites for Netscape 4 and IE4" do you expect that those versions had any relations? i think actually we can forget them...

"Quite a few leads for good speakers for Fronteers 2009" ... i wish i can join it :(

"I got to play with Google Android for about ten minutes. Sorry, promised not to tell you more, but it’ll be released pretty soon and you can see for yourself." ... damned what are you waiting for? i cannot wait to read about it! :)))