The Ajax Experience - State of the Browsers

Yesterday I gave my State of the Browsers presentation at The Ajax Experience in Boston. Here are the slides (PDF, 2MB).

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1 Posted by js on 6 October 2008 | Permalink

excellent overivew- as i have often found, your opinions are well researched.

we need more than one browser because all people are not the same and do not have the same goals.

you characterize anti-microsoft opinions as ideological- making it seem that they are based in personal preference rather than fact. i do not think this is true is all cases.

some may prefer ff because the browser has a standard extension API- a developer has the ability to code something unique to their environment and stick it on.

also, monocultures are artificial. i believe this extends to browsers as well.

if microsoft supported w3c standards, most web devs would be happy. i don't think they would be as happy if everyone followed ie; but they would be happier than they are now.

i think you are correct that there will be a browser shake-up too.

keep up the good work!