Fronteers 2008 conference - 11th and 12th of September, Amsterdam

It is with pardonable pride that Fronteers announces its second yearly conference: Fronteers 2008.

The astounding success of Kings of Code back in May conclusively proves there’s an appetite (not to say hunger) for good web conferences in the Netherlands. Since one of Fronteers’s stated purposes is increasing the professionalism and knowledge level of front-end engineers, it’s only logical we, too, organise something.

We’ve worked long and hard, and there will plenty more work to do before 11th and 12th September roll around, but we feel we’ve succeeded in bringing another good conference to Amsterdam.

This conference will focus exclusively on front-end engineering, and with speakers such as Bert Bos, Dean Edwards, and Nate Koechley high-level high-quality sessions are guaranteed.

We asked all speakers to focus on one topic of their choice and dig deeply into it. This will result in very focused sessions that teach attendees everything about one narrowly defined subject.

Ticket sale will start very soon. The ticket price is € 250; an early-bird discout of € 50 will apply until 31st of August. Fronteers members can apply for an additional discount.

This conference will be sponsored by Backbase,, and Mirabeau. Additional sponsor slots are still available; contact me if you’re interested.

More information here (of in het Nederlands).

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1 Posted by Chris on 19 August 2008 | Permalink

Should be a great event with so many people from the W3 speaking! I wish i could attend but have to much work at the moment to do anything other than work, lol.

2 Posted by r4 ds on 22 August 2008 | Permalink

Too bad the price is that high.

3 Posted by Sander on 22 August 2008 | Permalink

r4 ds: "high"?? Looking at conferences happening during the next few months, I see that the full price for the 2-day conference Web Directions South is $1050 (AUD), which is roughly €615. One day dConstruct costs £125, or €155. The full price for the two conference days of web 2.0 expo in Berlin is a whopping €950.
Etc, etc. I'm not aware of any conference worth the name with a better price per day than Fronteers 2008. I'd go so far as to say that this conference is extremely cheap, especially since it'll have talks which should have a good chance of actually teaching you something, rather than only touching the surface of their subjects.