Fronteers 2008 conference - Andy Clarke and Anne van Kesteren

The preparations for Fronteers 2008 proceed apace; it’s likely to become an excellent conference. (Amsterdam, 11 and 12 September.)

Ticket sale has meanwhile started; unfortunately there’s a bug in the English version that requires everybody to use the Dutch one I linked to. My apologies for the bug, but this is something the ticket system vendor has to solve (and is solving, if rumours are to be believed).

Unfortunately we had one cancellation: Nate Koechley had a clash of schedules. Fortunately Andy Clarke and Anne van Kesteren have agreed to host sessions (on CSS positioning and the <video> element in HTML5, respectively), so I believe the conference will survive Nate’s absence.

I personally am swamped in work (if you think organising a conference is something you do in your spare time I advise you to upgrade your brain), but I believe the main thrust is behind me now. With only a few relatively minor things to arrange it looks as if the conference is set to go.

Hope to see you there.

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