Redesign postponed; d.construct

Although I'm almost ready with the promised redesign of, I'm nonetheless going to postpone it. There are two reasons:

  1. I'm stuck with the overview pages the new interaction design calls for.
  2. I'm sick and tired of sitting in front of my computer all day.

When I started planning the redesign, I asked a friend to take a look at the interaction design. She handed me a simple scheme for the high-level interaction; basically dividing the site into three main sections: About, Resources, and Blogs. I enthousiastically agreed with this scheme, but now that I have to actually screw it on top of the existing site, I've run into a few problems. These problems aren't unsolvable, but right now I just don't have the energy to actually go and solve them.


In theory I've been on holiday from the end of July onwards, and I used a large part of this time off to work on the content pages, as I described in my previous entry. The content pages are done now (except for one thing; see below), which is Good.

Unfortunately, taking care of the content pages took away the last bit of energy I had, and last Sunday I decided I deserved a break. Therefore I stopped working on the site. Today I'm taking about an hour of computer time to write this entry and answer some important mails, but when that's done it's back to doing non-computer stuff.

Besides, on Saturday I'll leave for the countryside again, and I won't return until Tuesday or Wednesday. The Thursday after I'll get on the train to Brighton for the d.construct conference, and I'll return on Saturday night.

All in all that means I'll continue with the redesign on Monday 11 September at the earliest, and that you'll have to have a bit more patience.

DOM Compatibility Tables

Above I said that there's one exception to the content being ready: the W3C DOM Compatibility Tables. They haven't been updated in more than a year now, and although I fully plan to continue working on them, this, too, will have to wait a little while longer. Back in January I commissioned a simple database solution for the Tables, and although the new setup has been ready since March I haven't yet found the time to start filling the database with data. Besides, I need to go through the test pages, too, and that will take even more time.

All in all that means that updating the grand Compatibility Tables has been postponed to the fourth quarter of this year.


As I also noted above, I'll be heading for d.construct next Thursday. I'll arrive in Brighton on Thursday night, and I was wondering if there are any other delegates in town then who'd be interested in having dinner and a few beers, and maybe discuss some geeky stuff. Ian Lloyd asked the same, so I suppose we could gather somewhere and have some geek fun. If you're also interested, leave a comment.

Update: On Thursday night we'll meet at the Heist. I myself will arrive somewhere around 19:15. I hope to see some of my readers there.

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1 Posted by Andy James on 31 August 2006 | Permalink

I noticed that it's very common with all designers or site owners, to be less enthusiastic with redesigning your site than what you used to be with the original design at old days, specially if you have to update W3C DOM compatibility tables ;)

2 Posted by John Rutherford on 1 September 2006 | Permalink

Don't fell bad about postponing the new site. I have been using your site in the persuit of enlightenment since you first went live. You have done me and many others a HUGE service just keeping it up. So take your time, do it right and feel good about it. Most imporantly don't burn yourself out.

3 Posted by Rasesh on 2 September 2006 | Permalink

No worries, just have a good time... I have been anxiously waiting for the re-design... but will wait some more :)

4 Posted by Andrey Sorochan on 4 September 2006 | Permalink

Yes man, try to relax & enjoy the moment.

5 Posted by Nigel Moore on 5 September 2006 | Permalink

I agree with John, I haven't found the site to be any less helpful for not being redesigned! Relax & enjoy.

6 Posted by Alex on 6 September 2006 | Permalink

I also think there is no reason to hasten with this - it looks good and updating the content pages is more important than a redisign :)

7 Posted by Luke on 8 September 2006 | Permalink

Go, enjoy the sun! Don't think about the site, CSS, JS. Don't take your laptop or Blackberry. Don't look back either.
I recently spent 11 days away from my keyboard, the longest I've gone for perhaps 15 years. It did me the world of good, I hope it does something similar for you. Regards

8 Posted by Anthony Durity on 11 September 2006 | Permalink

Hi ppk - Take it easy, honest. I have to catch up with you :)

As the others say, don't burn yourself out - you have a fantastic site here already so take your time, there's no rush...

All the best