Computer crash - contest judging delayed

On Thursday my Windows XP computer died. This was not entirely unforeseen, since it had taken to crashing at random instances, and also when I wanted to restart it after a night of inactivity. But now it didn't want to start up at all, and reinstalling Windows XP brought on yet another crash. Time for a new computer.

This thrilling episode of "My glorious life as a web developer" has played havoc on my schedule, which was rather tight to begin with. The main victim turns out to be the addEvent() recoding contest.

Before Thursday my planning was already rather strained. This week promised to be a very busy one, and I'd have to continue working next weekend. The crash caused me to lose two working days (Thursday and Friday) and miss a deadline. Fortunately the client whose deadline I missed was rather relaxed, but I still had to continue working in the past weekend to deliver his goods earlier today.

Then another client came with an urgent problem in a major site about to go live. Regardless of that I'd have to make time for five applicants in my (Dutch market only) recruiting sideline, and I'd already promised to mind my mother's art gallery Thursday through Sunday, while she is at an art fair.

Therefore something had to be removed from this week's planning. You might have guessed: it's the judging of the addEvent() recoding contest. Fortunately I remembered to close it on Friday, but otherwise I concluded I can't possibly do anything about it before next Tuesday (that is 4 October), which means you all have to have some more patience. Maybe Scott and Dean will have the time to do some judging before then, but I myself certainly won't.

I'm very sorry for the delay, but such is life.

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1 Posted by James Gregory on 3 October 2005 | Permalink

Disappointed to find that this was not an article about you judging a computer crashing contest.

2 Posted by Jo on 7 October 2005 | Permalink

Patience is a virtue that contributes highly to life 's quality.

3 Posted by Akhmad Amirov on 7 October 2005 | Permalink

Heads up!

4 Posted by Jonas Galvez on 12 October 2005 | Permalink

Hi! My server is back up again: