Contest judging - first round

I know, I know. I'm terribly late, not to say distinctly overdue, in judging the addEvent() recoding contest. The main reasons are that my clients now actively gang up on me to prevent me working on anything but their projects, and that the bit of spare time I've managed to squeeze from them is almost entirely taken by a very exciting new project that I hope to unveil within the next few weeks.

That said, today I finally found the time for the first round. I took a quick look at all the entries and judged them on formal grounds.

In total I received 28 entries. Of these, two are refused because the test page cannot be reached (John Resig (404) and Jonas Galvez (server doesn't respond)). I give these two contestants the option of restoring/resubmitting their entries.

Two more entries don't contain the mandatory test page (Peter Nederlof and Ismael Jurado). They're out of the race.

No less than 6 entries don't work in Explorer 5.0 Windows (Pieter Siewert, Daniel Rucareanu, Kelly, Jason Davis, Rob Tannert and Lachlan Hunt). One entry doesn't even work in Explorer 6.0 (Mark Wubben). They're out of the race.

All in all we've got 17 entries left to choose from. Scott, Dean and I will now start the real judging.

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