Small fry 9/4

The formation discussions are continuing slowly. Nobody expects to have anything to say for the next few weeks, and at the request of Klaver (GL) Fridays are non-negotiation days so he can spend time with his small children. I’m not sure how much the other parties like this, but they have agreed to it. Everybody is in let’s-take-this-easy mode.

Meanwhile, some snippets that might be of interest:

Finally, as a bonus, a photo of all party leaders and the speaker of parliament. I was thinking of running a portrait gallery, but it turns out there’s a more-or-less official photo. Click to enlarge.

From left to right: Pechtold (D66), Buma (CDA), Wilders (PVV), Krol (50Plus), speaker Arib (PvdA), Van der Staaij (SGP), Rutte (VVD), Thieme (PvdD), Klaver (GL), Kuzu (DENK), Baudet (FvD), Roemer (SP), Segers (CU), Asscher (PvdA).

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The link for the NRC expert panel should go to . Although Carla van Baalen's view is also interesting.