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CSS Day 2017; 15th and 16th of June, Amsterdam

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It’s that time of year again; today we announced most of the line-up for our fifth annual CSS Day conference in Amsterdam — and we think it’s a wonderful one, though naturally we’re biased.

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CSS Day + HTML Special, 16th and 17th of June, Amsterdam

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On 16th and 17th of June we will organise the fourth CSS Day in Amsterdam, preceded by HTML Special, a one-day conference on HTML. The programme is here, and you can buy tickets here.

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CSS Day speakers announced

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Today, we announce the eight speakers for CSS Day, 4th of June, Amsterdam. They are:

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CSS Day 2014

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We proudly announce CSS Day 2014, 4th of June, in Amsterdam, eight top speakers, eight CSS dev topics.

Early bird has started. Grab those tickets now for € 200 instead of € 275. And there’s only 50 of them.

Who are the speakers, you ask? Sorry, we won't tell you. We'll reveal them on 4th of February, but early bird ends at that precise moment in time. Do you trust us? Then order now!

Also, summer in Amsterdam.

All aboard for CSS Day!

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In slightly more than a week CSS Day will take place in Amsterdam. There are still 35 tickets available, and we thought it’d be cool if we’d sell out.

This will be a one-off event; we’re not going to repeat it next year. So if you want to hear eight top-notch speakers on eight cutting-edge areas of CSS, this is your only chance.

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Does a full day of CSS nerdery appeal to you?

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On 14th of June we’re organising CSS Day, a one-day conference with eight top-notch CSS speakers about eight modules. It promises to be a nerdy CSS day with plenty of code examples, odd problems, compatibility issues, and subtle tricks.

The line-up is pretty good, if we do say so ourselves. Eric Meyer, Bert Bos, Stephen Hay, Divya Manian, Tab Atkins, Daniel Glazman, Peter Gasston, and Lea Verou.

Tickets are still available (and contrary to Mobilism, sales are proceeding according to plan). And it’s just €250. Pre-conference workshops (Eric Meyer on CSS, Peter Gasston on responsive design) are €300.

We’ll likely get a lot of answers to advanced CSS questions. Our personal favourite is “Can Lea Verou really talk about border-radius for 45 minutes?” It’s a puzzler, but she assured us she can, and we chose to believe her.

If you want to see for yourself, join us on 14th of June in Amsterdam.

CSS Day speakers announced

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Eight top speakers talk about their favourite CSS modules. 14th of June, Amsterdam. That's CSS Day. Sounds good?

It sounds even better when you see the line-up. Every speaker will focus on one or two CSS modules, as follows:

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CSS Day early bird

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Eight top speakers on eight CSS modules. 14th of June, Amsterdam. That's CSS Day. Sounds good?

More to the point: do you trust us?

Today we open early bird sales: tickets for €150 instead of €250. But you won't get any more information. On 12th of February we'll announce the speakers, but early bird will end. And we only have 50 early-bird tickets all in all.

So trust us, buy a ticket and save €100. Or wait a while to make sure we can deliver, and pay the full price. The choice is yours.

Update: Early bird sold out.


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We’re going to run another conference this year.

The concept is simple: one day, eight world-class speakers, each of which discusses one or more CSS modules. That’s CSS Day.

14th of June, Amsterdam. Tickets not yet on sale. Speakers as yet a secret, but we’re going to reveal their names in early February.

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See you at CSS Day?

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