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The Firefox problem

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In recent weeks Firefox 4 beta 1 and Opera 10.60 were released, and I could also put my hands on a working Chrome 4. I added all these browsers to the compatibility tables, which are now all updated, except for the Events one.

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contains() for Mozilla

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One of my minor irritations with Mozilla is that it doesn't support a few DOM methods and properties that, though not officially a part of the spec, are nonetheless extremely useful and supported by all other browsers. I'm especially thinking of the contains() method and the children[] nodeList. While going through the more abstruse parts of the Level 3 Core spec today I found a way to add contains() to Mozilla.

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Why I won't use Firefox

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I just downloaded and installed Mozilla 1.7.5, which, as far as I was able to determine, is the latest non-beta release. Over the next few weeks I'm going to go through the unenviable chore of updating all compatibility tables yet again. You may note that I did not download Firefox. In fact, I've downloaded it months ago and within a few minutes decided it's not going to become my default browser.

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