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Thidrekssaga IX: The Wilkinen wars

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Just now I published part IX of the Thidrekssaga: The Wilkinen wars.

Whilt etaying at Attila’s court Dietrich fights in a few of his wars and saves queen Erka’s honour (and head). Attila and Erka are grateful, and in the next chapter they are willing to help Dietrich in return. Also, this part contains a realistic report of a siege, and the only heroic deed of Wolfhart, Dietrich’s nephew, who plays a rather large role in other Dietrich sagas, but not in the Thidrekssaga.


user-scalable=no and suppressing zoom suppression

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The story goes as follows: Once upon a time there was a meta viewport property called user-scalable=no that suppressed pinch zoom on the page it was on. As a result users could not zoom in, even if they needed to. This was obviously a bad idea, and therefore browsers stopped supporting it.

At least, I thought that was the story. Turns out it isn’t.

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Thidrekssaga VIII: Dietrich’s flight

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Just now I published part VIII of the Thidrekssaga: Dietrich’s flight.

Dietrich’s uncle Ermenrik, egged on by his evil counselor Sibich, starts killing his family. To avoid being captured and hanged, Dietrich flees from Ermenrik’s army to king Attila in Soest. Witig and Heime have curious and badly-explained roles.


Thidrekssaga VII: The tournament in Bertangaland

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Just now I published part VII of the Thidrekssaga: The tournament in Bertangaland.

When Dietrich has gathered twelve heroes it’s time to do something heroic. They decide to challenge king Isung, his eleven sons, and his banner bearer Sigfrid to a tournament, which forms the climax of part I of the saga and an important turning point.

Before reading this article, make a guess how this tournament ends.



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