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Thidrekssaga VI: A quarrel about Mimung

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Just now I published part VI of the Thidrekssaga: A quarrel about Mimung.

Here the saga reports about the quarrel between Witig and Heime about Mimung in the context of two wars and a search-and-rescue story.


Thidrekssaga V: Detlef

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Just now I published part V of the Thidrekssaga: Detlef the Dane.

The hero Detlef comes to Dietrich's court, initially as a servant, but he pawns off the heroes' equipment to give a great feast. Once that is discovered he has to fight a duel of strength against Walther, and wins. Thus he becomes a hero of Dietrich. Also, this part shows the start of the quarrel between Witig and Heime.


Thidrekssaga IV: Journey to Osning

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Just now I published part IV of the Thidrekssaga: Journey to Osning.

This is a complex story that tells how Dietrich wanted to forget his defeat by going on a journey alone. He defeats the hero Ecke in a curious, myth-heavy nightly fight in a forest, then makes Ecke's brother Fasold his follower. Then some frankly unbelievable hunt adventures happen, and Dietrich and Fasold rescue Sintram, Hildebrand's cousin, from a dragon. Thus Dietrich wins two more heroes before returning to Bern.


Thidrekssaga III: Witig

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You’re in for a treat today. Just now I published part III of the Thidrekssaga: Witig.

It is the second best story in the entire saga, and I give a complete version with only minimal notes. We hear how Witig Wieland's son and bearer of Mimung comes to Bern to fight with Dietrich, how he encounters Hildebrand and Heime along the way, and how Hildebrand becomes worried for Dietrich, mostly because he knows Mimung is better than Dietrich's equipment. We also hear how he solves this problem and teaches Dietrich a lesson in the process.



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