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Installable web apps

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Yesterday I replied to a tweet by Marcos about “add to home screen,” and that kicked off a long and rather interesting conversation about installable web apps. This post gives my view.

As Bruce explained in his Fronteers 2013 session, bookmarking something in a mobile browser should mean adding an icon to the device’s home screen instead of making an entry in an otherwise undistinguished bookmark file. As soon as Bruce said this I knew he was right.

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Preventing the touch events’ default action

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Returning false, or calling preventDefault(), in an event handler is supposed to prevent the default action of the event. So if a user clicks a link the link is not followed, if the user scrolls nothing actually happens, etc. Does this work everywhere for the touch events? My latest research gives the details.

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The iOS event cascade and innerHTML

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From Friday until today I spent far too much time reverse-engineering iOS behaviour I was already supposed to be aware of. However, I also found a twist that hasn’t been documented so far — I think.

The behaviour I should already have known about was that during the touch event cascade, Safari iOS stops firing events when a DOM change takes place. The twist is that only DOM methods such as appendChild() count — but innerHTML does not.

Many thanks to Patrick Lauke for helping me out here and putting me on the right track.

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Mouse event bubbling in iOS

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It’s that time again when I worry about the bubbling of mouse events on Safari iOS. Three years ago I did some research and a follow-up, and I found that the click event refused to bubble up to the body or higher in Safari iOS, unless some specific criteria were met. Today I repeated that research, and found the situation has changed.

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CSS Day speakers announced

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Today, we announce the eight speakers for CSS Day, 4th of June, Amsterdam. They are:

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