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The point of packaged web apps

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Just now I noticed a Twitter discussion on packaged web apps and their purpose. The same question was asked during the Mobilism panel, and I still regret not speaking up and explaining. So here it is.

The point of a packaged web app is to allow for its peer-to-peer transfer from device to device.

A user has a nice web app and proudly shows it off to friends. They also want it, so the user opens a Bluetooth connection (or NFC or whatever) and just sends it to his friends’ devices. They tap it, it installs itself, and they can use the app straight away.

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Does a full day of CSS nerdery appeal to you?

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On 14th of June we’re organising CSS Day, a one-day conference with eight top-notch CSS speakers about eight modules. It promises to be a nerdy CSS day with plenty of code examples, odd problems, compatibility issues, and subtle tricks.

The line-up is pretty good, if we do say so ourselves. Eric Meyer, Bert Bos, Stephen Hay, Divya Manian, Tab Atkins, Daniel Glazman, Peter Gasston, and Lea Verou.

Tickets are still available (and contrary to Mobilism, sales are proceeding according to plan). And it’s just €250. Pre-conference workshops (Eric Meyer on CSS, Peter Gasston on responsive design) are €300.

We’ll likely get a lot of answers to advanced CSS questions. Our personal favourite is “Can Lea Verou really talk about border-radius for 45 minutes?” It’s a puzzler, but she assured us she can, and we chose to believe her.

If you want to see for yourself, join us on 14th of June in Amsterdam.

Mobilism last call

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On 16th and 17th of May we will organise the third edition of Mobilism, the mobile web conference.

We have one speaker change: unfortunately Thomas Fuchs was not able to make it. We have found Remy Sharp willing to take over the slot and the topic: JavaScript frameworks in an increasingly mobile (and thus memory- and processor-challenged) world.

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