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CSS Day early bird

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Eight top speakers on eight CSS modules. 14th of June, Amsterdam. That's CSS Day. Sounds good?

More to the point: do you trust us?

Today we open early bird sales: tickets for €150 instead of €250. But you won't get any more information. On 12th of February we'll announce the speakers, but early bird will end. And we only have 50 early-bird tickets all in all.

So trust us, buy a ticket and save €100. Or wait a while to make sure we can deliver, and pay the full price. The choice is yours.

Update: Early bird sold out.

Mobilism: Four days left for our early-bird

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On 16th and 17th of May we’ll organise Mobilism, the mobile web conference, in Amsterdam. Today we unveil two new speakers as well as our MC.

Also, early bird is running out. We've only got 30 early-bird tickets left, and they will run until January 25th, so if you want to save €100, you’d better hurry.

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We’re going to run another conference this year.

The concept is simple: one day, eight world-class speakers, each of which discusses one or more CSS modules. That’s CSS Day.

14th of June, Amsterdam. Tickets not yet on sale. Speakers as yet a secret, but we’re going to reveal their names in early February.

Follow us on Twitter. Or subscribe to our announcement list.

See you at CSS Day?

New Mobilism speakers: Mat Marquis and Sara Wachter Boettcher

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We are excited to announce that Mat Marquis and Sara Wachter Boettcher will join the expanding Mobilism 2013 line-up. With Sara discussing content strategy and Mat sharing his responsive images knowledge, the range of topics is broadening; and it will broaden once more when we announce our next batch of speakers.

Early-bird tickets, which save you €100, will be available until 25th of January, or until they sell out. Currently they aren't sold out, though that may change quickly.

See you in May!

IE poll results

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Over the past six weeks or so I ran a poll about the use of old IE versions among web developers. It’s time to publish the results.

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CSS gradients

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In the past month I’ve researched CSS gradients, and I can finally present my findings. As usual, there was no source that gives clear, concise, accurate information about the three syntaxes and the four rendering engines, so I decided to write it myself.

Here is the inevitable compatibility table. Below I excerpt part of my introduction to gradients.

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