Fronteers 2011: extraordinary

Fronteers 2011, held last Thursday and Friday, was an extraordinary web conference. Where the previous three editions were good and could easily compare to the best international events, Fronteers 2011 was better. The upcoming videos will prove it.

I’ve been to a lot of conferences, and organised four. The ones I organised, and more than half the ones I visited were good, most others were not so good, but a few were extraordinary. Fronteers 2011 belongs in that select group.

And the wifi worked flawlessly with 450 simultaneous connections!

The quality of our line-up was what made the conference so very excellent, and it had nothing to do with me. We selected the speakers by vote, and Peter Beverloo and Krijn Hoetmer handled all practical matters.

Although I was involved in all stages of the planning, I did little hands-on work until the conference itself, when I was floor manager once more and handled general conference flow.

Fronteers acquired a core of volunteers that’s able to pull off a first-class conference without me doing all that much. Better, we sold all 500 tickets without me doing any form of marketing here on QuirksMode. I’m delighted that my brain-child was adopted by the Dutch front-end community, and that it has built up such a great name. It doesn’t need me any more. It can stand on its own legs.

I’ll remain part of the organisation in the future. There’s a substantial overlap with Mobilism 2012, which will use the same venue and mostly the same personnel. I’m going to use Fronteers as a dress rehearsal for Mobilism, and vice versa. Never pass up a chance to practice.

For me personally, three sessions stood out:

Incidentally, Seb’s presentation would have been impossible without the superb conference wifi supplied by Event Engineers. At the height of Seb’s experiment the wireless network effortlessly handled about 450 simultaneous connections, and the round of applause for that feat of engineering was well-deserved. I unreservedly recommend Event Engineers for all your conference wifi needs.

Thanks to our speakers for making this event; thanks to our attendees for enthusiastically participating; thanks to my fellow organisers and volunteers Isaac Andela, Peter Beverloo, Will Fris, Vasilis van Gemert, Justin Halsall, Krijn Hoetmer, Anne van Kesteren, Harold Leewis, Jelmer van der Linde, Edwin Martin, Wes Oudshoorn, Thijs Reijgersberg, Hidde de Vries, Koen Willems, Peter van der Zee, and Frank Zijlstra for doing their part of the job.

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