Videos of Fronteers 2010

On the 7th and 8th of October Fronteers 2010, the third annual conference of Fronteers, took place in Amsterdam. Contrary to the last two editions I had nothing to do with this one. Still, I’m quite happy that videos of all sessions have been made available, as well as a nice compilation video.

I especially like the fact that the videos were ready so quickly, and have all been posted online. During 2010 I was recorded three times, in Newcastle, Prague, and Warsaw, but it seems only the Prague one is available. I never heard anything from Newcastle or Warsaw.

Anyway, you can find the Fronteers 2010 compilation on Vimeo, and this page also gives links to the full recordings of sessions by Jeremy Keith, Robert Nyman, Brad Neuberg, Håkon Wium Lie, Stoyan Stefanov, Jina Bolton, Jake Archibald, Stephen Hay, Paul Irish, Meagan Fisher, Nicholas Zakas, Steve Faulkner & Hans Hillen, Cameron Adams, and Chris Heilmann.


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Thanks PPK!