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1 Posted by Mark Finkle on 8 November 2010 | Permalink

The Ars article on Firefox Mobile is for the previous beta (beta 1). Check out the new article on beta 2:

- and checkout Firefox Mobile beta 2 itself:

2 Posted by tom jones on 8 November 2010 | Permalink

the linked ars article about firefox is over a month old, and refers to the older beta. the new one is almost half the size + lots of other goodness..

3 Posted by Ping Ling on 8 November 2010 | Permalink

And Opera Mobile is finally coming to Android:
First beta tomorrow (9 Nov).

4 Posted by ppk on 8 November 2010 | Permalink

Oops! Removed Ars Technica reference.

5 Posted by Maxdoro Internetbureau on 11 November 2010 | Permalink

Why is Opera Mobile not mentioned in this article? It deserves some attention because it performs better then the mobile firefox browser.

6 Posted by David Storey on 23 November 2010 | Permalink

“People don’t download browsers to their mobile phones, after all.” I think Opera Mini proves that wrong. There are over 70 million *public* active monthly users of Opera Mini (not including B2B users. This kind of proves peeople *do* download mobile browsers.