Right now I’m in Düsseldorf with Vodafone, testing the 15th mobile WebKit I found: LG WebKit. I’ll head home this afternoon, and after that I have two more trips to go before this year is up.

Next week I’ll be in Warsaw for Front Trends where I will speak about JSON over SMS and other cool mobile opportunities. I will also visit friends there.

As Mathias points out in the comments I'll go to Ghent for a Fronteers meeting on 4 November, but it's travel by train (which to me counts as minor travel), and besides the meeting is completely booked.

Then in the second week of November I’ll head to the UK once more. I will attend Full Frontal on Friday 12th, and it seems likely I’ll be around London or Brighton from Wednesday or so on; maybe even earlier.

That’s it for the year; when I land on Schiphol on Saturday 13th my traveling will be over until at least February or so.

I’ll probably meet some of my readers during either of the conferences.

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1 Posted by Mathias Bynens on 13 October 2010 | Permalink

…not to mention your #fronteersbe talk on November 4th in Ghent ;)

2 Posted by MichalBe on 13 October 2010 | Permalink

Of course you will. See you in Warsaw!