Samsung bada dev day 3 June, Amsterdam

Next Thursday there’s a bada developer day in Amsterdam, co-sponsored by Vodafone, at which I’ll speak. Entrance is free, although registration is required so that the organisers know how many people will be coming.

I’m intererested in bada on general principles; it’s going to be a major new smartphone platform, and I’d like to know what it can and cannot do. Besides I’m curious about the Samsung WebKit that runs on it. I briefly guerilla-tested it in Barcelona, but would like to have a more formal session with it.

What really caught my attention, though, was the revelation that bada phones will support W3C Widgets natively. I did not know that, and I’m planning to test them thoroughly. I’ll also talk about HTML5 apps a bit and explain why they are the future of mobile web development.

As it stands now bada is going to be a platform for the mid- to low-end smartphone market; it’s not supposed to compete with high-end systems such as iPhone or most current Androids. But still, if we can port a decent web experience to one more platform it’ll help the cause of the mobile web, and I, for one, am enthusiastic about it.

So maybe I’ll see some of my readers next Thursday.

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1 Posted by Miguel on 5 June 2010 | Permalink

I tried the Samsung Widget SDK. It appears that only widgets published to their store can be loaded onto the device - am I right? Cheers.