Voices That Matter JavaScript Events + Y! video

I've just put my Voices That Matter presentation online (PDF, 600K); and I've also published it on Slideshare.

This presentation overlaps with my recent Yahoo! one for about 40%, and it's somewhat more basic. (Still, it was the most advanced JavaScript presentation at the conference.)

By the way, the good people at Yahoo! have already published the video of my presentation; including a complete transcript (it's odd to read through it).

As I said during my VTM presentation, the Yahoo! one contains the solution to the focus/blur event delegation thing, as well as some information on events in the mobile browsers.

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1 Posted by Ates Goral on 1 May 2009 | Permalink

Thanks a lot for this presentation! A couple of questions:

1) Shouldn't a click event be categorized as an interface event? Isn't it basically a result of either of the following device-dependent events?

a) Hit enter (keydown/keypress) while an anchor has focus
b) Release the mouse button after depressing it on an element (mouseup)

2) When changing the value of a combo box with a mouse, is the change event still fired when the option for the current value is clicked? Also, when a user first expands the full list of options by hitting the space bar when a combo box has focus, do change events get fired while browsing through options with the arrow keys? (What's the behaviour across browsers?)