Kings of Code slides up

Just now I posted the (Dutch) slides of my JavaScript Events presentation at Kings of Code.

Download them here. PDF file; about 620K.

I want to repeat this presentation in English at some conference somewhere, but I don't yet have specific plans. So if you can't read Dutch you'll have to have some patience.

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1 Posted by Adult Ühler on 28 May 2008 | Permalink

Hi Peter. I am relatively new to making websites 'the proper way' (I used to do them WYSIWYG) and some of the resources on your site are really valuable; if not a little heady for a newbie. Right now I am trying to get a contact form to work with AJAX.

I speak a little Dutch, so can understand strands of your PDF. Where have you got those charts you used in the background? They look like they could help me out right now.

2 Posted by Janet on 29 May 2008 | Permalink

Looking forward to the English version one day as for my Dutch is a bit rusty.

3 Posted by Sander Aarts on 29 May 2008 | Permalink

This might be useful then: ;-)

4 Posted by Levon on 4 June 2008 | Permalink

In response to A. Ühler's comment. I am not sure where those charts came from, but there are similar ones up here:

Very useful if you are getting to grips with CSS.

5 Posted by Sander van der Vliet on 6 June 2008 | Permalink

Hi PPK, do you mind if I put the slides on