W3C DOM CSS compatibility table updated

I just finished updating the W3C DOM CSS compatibility table. With the previous version almost three years old, it was about time. In the past three years, Safari and Opera have started to seriously support the editing of style sheets, and the new table reflects that.

I decided not to study iCab any more. The new version 4 is rumoured to use the WebKit code engine, and a quick test of a few properties showed that this is likely correct. (Unfortunately the iCab site does not actually mention this fact, so I'm still not 100% certain that WebKit is really being used. On the other hand, 95% certainty is enough.)

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1 Posted by Federico MP on 12 February 2008 | Permalink

iCab 4.0 uses WebKit. Check http://www.snailshell.de/blog/archives/2008/01/entry_134.html at the developer's blog.

2 Posted by Sander Aarts on 13 February 2008 | Permalink

It's a pity in a way, that iCab has turned to WebKit now. It was always nice to see what this one-developer-browser was able to accomplish and compare that to IE ;-)

@PPK: thanks for the update!