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The @media Ajax schedule has been unveiled, and my my, has Patrick managed to gather carloads of JavaScript excellence. Brendan Eich, Douglas Crockford, Derek Featherstone, John Resig, Stuart "I give everyone a weird middle name" Langridge, and last but not least Jeremy Keith for a bit of panel moderation. Early bird registration is still possible until the end of the month, so I advise you to purchase your tickets in the next few days.

I'm getting rather nervous about this conference, especially since Patrick has placed me last on the first day. That means I'll have to contend not only with the high standards of excellence set by the previous speakers, but also with an audience that's already thinking forward to beer and relaxation. My presentation will have to be compelling and grabbing.

My session is titled "Ajax at Work: A Case Study", and with a little bit of luck I'll have an excellent case study to present, which will neatly unify my past career as a historian and my current one as a JavaScripter. I haven't actually started working on this case study, so I'm not going to announce details, except that it's technically quite simple.

A simple case study nicely fits on Day 1, which focuses on non-geeks (or semi-geeks at most). I want to guide them through a few crucial questions in easy steps. Why Ajax at all? Do we use XML, HTML, or JSON, and why? How do we keep the application accessible?

I hope to see some of my readers on 19 and 20 November in London.

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1 Posted by MB Web Design on 25 August 2007 | Permalink

Rather unfortunately I'll be off on holiday so can't make the event, which is a great shame because @Media is one of few such programmes which seems worth every penny