Opinion piece in .NET

Back in February I wrote an opinion piece for the British .NET Magazine. I considered it a dress rehearsal for my SxSW presentation, and as such it allowed me to focus my thoughts.

Meanwhile the opinion piece has been published in .NET's latest issue (162; confusingly called the May issue, even though it will remain April for 20 more days). It will allow people who weren't at SxSW to read a summary of my presentation.

This reminds me of a question I wanted to ask anyway: which good, standards-aware web development magazines are there? .NET is definitely one. Unfortunately its Dutch counterpart NetProfessional, for which I occansionally wrote a piece, folded back in 2003. I don't know of any others, though I suppose they exist out there.

If you know of another standards-aware web development magazine, please leave a comment.

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1 Posted by Shane Shepherd on 10 April 2007 | Permalink

I have not yet received my copy of .NET, but I am eagerly anticipating your article!

2 Posted by Daniel on 10 April 2007 | Permalink

@web development magazine
In the last year I really like reading the treehousemagazine.com pdfs... as time goes by.
Nowadays I don't know a really must read (print) magazine...

3 Posted by Chris Hester on 11 April 2007 | Permalink

Sorry to be pedantic but the magazine title is always in lower case, as in '.net'. it has nothing to do with Microsoft's .NET language.

Anyway, good to see you in the magazine ppk!

4 Posted by Shane Shepherd on 11 April 2007 | Permalink

@Chris - I'm surprised they haven't been sued yet. ;)

5 Posted by Daniel on 12 April 2007 | Permalink

mea culpa! I thought, after reading your last sentence, you are looking for some "standard magazines" - not only .NET... my fault...

Sued ;)... the whole pdf-thing seems to be buried alive :(

6 Posted by Dave Venti on 13 April 2007 | Permalink

The best .NET magazine is written by your own... Read others opinion, but stay with yours