Free JavaScript books by Eric Meyer

Just encountered this page with a list of Free JavaScript books. I didn't know you could get them for free! I usually pay for them (unless the authors give me a free copy).

In any case, the first free JavaScript book deserves to be quoted in full:

Quirksmode - ppk on JavaScript pages new

This is not a book properly speaking, but the pages on quirksmode organized to follow the book ppk on javascript by Eric Meyer.

I think Eric and I will have to have a chat about copyrights and such.

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1 Posted by dez on 22 March 2007 | Permalink

I'm up to Chapter 4 of Eric's book now, it's one of those rare gray versions. I haven't learnt this much from a book since "ppk on css" and "more ppk on css"...also by Eric Myer :)

2 Posted by Simon on 22 March 2007 | Permalink

Only one of those (the SAMS one) seems to be what I'd call a book. The rest are sample chapters and links to well known websites.

3 Posted by Scott on 22 March 2007 | Permalink

Here's the real problem though: are all those books/sample chapters teaching the correct way to write JavaScript? Even if you change the word "correct" to "same" in my question, there's still a problem. Consistency is more important than correctness.

4 Posted by Eric Meyer on 22 March 2007 | Permalink

Aw, crap! Caught red-headed!

5 Posted by pauldwaite on 22 March 2007 | Permalink

> "Consistency is more important than correctness."

Yeah, end users love consistent JavaScript errors :)

I think I somehow always knew Eric Meyer wrote all the content here.

6 Posted by Michael Moncur on 23 March 2007 | Permalink

I'm the author of the SAMS book on that list.

It is a real book, but it's definitely not teaching the correct way to write JavaScript... Because it's the third edition, published in 2002.

It's not bad, but the 4th edition from last year is much better when it comes to web standards and unobtrusiveness.

In fact, Eric Meyer wrote the whole thing! :)

7 Posted by ppk on 23 March 2007 | Permalink

Please don't tell ANYbody yet, but Peachpit and I are currently discussing "Less ppk on Eric Meyer".

Our plan is for Eric to write the book, though the name of a major Web development luminary that I'm not at liberty to disclose will be on the cover, and the larger part of the actual work will be done by a ghostwriter some of you may know from his bestselling "How to design sites with tables and without CSS" series.

This could turn out to be an interesting experiment in Web 2.0 writing. I'll keep you posted.

8 Posted by Lee Hinde on 1 April 2007 | Permalink

Here's more free javascript help that may look familiar

Or is "document.images" the canonical way to explain this concept?