Safari 1.3.1

Apple just released Safari 1.3.1 without fuss. I found one important improvement over 1.3: the unload event, which was badly broken in 1.3, is now restored to its ancient reliability.

I didn't find any other significant updates in the CSS or JavaScript handling, but I did only a few very quick tests. If you found a change, please leave a comment.

Update: Safari used to download images with display: none only when they, or their parent element, were toggled to display: block. Unfortunately version 1.3.1 (and maybe 1.3) reverted to downloading the images anyway. Test page.

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1 Posted by Olly on 5 September 2005 | Permalink

I think the downloading display:none; images may be intentional, to get around issues when those very images were displayed in a print stylesheet, but the browser hadn't downloaded them (for instance). I could be wrong through.

Whether or not that is the correct course of action is another question entirely :-)

2 Posted by Erik Arvidsson on 5 September 2005 | Permalink

They added support for DOMParser.