Chinese English

English as written by Chinese companies never ceases to amaze. Today I bought new trousers, which turn out to be Chinese (hence not very expensive), but after reading and re-reading the text on the label for ten minutes I still don't understand it, and I doubt whether anyone merely English-speaking can.

The label of "Yougeqing Xiuxianliuqi new's [sic!] fashion sports wear" is very clear on the benefits of choosing their apparel:

To know from experience the popular brand that possesses fashion now most, please entry procedure trade mark more than setting the mind on.

Fortunately they're leading:

Leading design in novative space.

And let's not forget the passion that speaks from choosing Yougeqing Xiuxianliuqi:

Our life is adorned with the lofty senntiments [sic!] and rejoice

Brand the values are these texts and represent rejoicing in worldwide fashion please, or so one assumes.

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