Explorer 7 update

Over on the IE Blog Chris Wilson gives a few details on the upcoming Explorer 7 beta.

Two months ago I said that I didn't expect the Explorer 7 beta to contain solutions to CSS problems. Clearly I was wrong: Wilson announced support for alpha PNG channels and a solution for the Peekaboo and Guillotine bugs, and he indicated more goodies are to come.

So the Microsoft team is taking the opportunity to not only beef up security, but also CSS support. I'm curious, for one. Expect a full report on this site when the beta is available; and let's hope the CSS solutions we found for the Peekaboo and Guillotine bugs won't misfire in the new Explorer 7.

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1 Posted by Tino Zijdel on 23 April 2005 | Permalink

My best bet at this moment is that they will force "hasLayout" in certain situations. I'm quite anxious to get my hands on the beta myself, though it will probably mean I will have to 'upgrade' to XP.

The PNG support is the least they could do and was more or less already expected. It's very nice to have that, but in my opinion not so very important compared to the other hot items (correct CSS, HTML, HTTP and mimetype support).

2 Posted by Philippe on 24 April 2005 | Permalink

You know, all hacks, hooks and tricks I need to keep IE from doing stupid things are all kept hidden in a separate stylesheet, loaded via Conditional Comments, with version locked to 6 or less. That is the most future proof method at the moment. When 7 comes out, we'll see what it need.

3 Posted by ppk on 24 April 2005 | Permalink

Shrewd remark, Tino. Yes, I think you're right: making sure that every box has a layout at all times will solve quite a few bugs.

I agree that PNG support is not very important, but it's good to see the IE team listening to the wishes of web developers.