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I thought I'd give you the current visitor stats for this site, gathered through the Reinvigorate system. Of course these figures are only valid for this site, and should never under any circumstance be used for any other site.

This is a developer-type site, which means the Explorer and Windows market shares are rather lower than on the average site. I'm not sure about the resolution market share. Would it "obviously" be different on an average site?


  1. Explorer 6 Windows: 54 %
  2. Mozilla and friends: 30 %
  3. Opera 7: 5 %
  4. Safari: 4 %
  5. Explorer 5: 4 %; slightly less than Safari, which is the more remarkable since this figure contains both the Windows and the Mac versions
  6. Others: 3 %


  1. Windows: 87 %
  2. Mac: 6 %
  3. Linux: 5 %
  4. Others: 2 %


  1. 1024 x 768: 44 %
  2. 1280 x 1024: 24 %
  3. 1152 x 864: 7 % (what sort of resolution is this, anyway?)
  4. 1600 x 1200: 6 %
  5. 800 x 600: 5 %
  6. Others: 14 %

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1 Posted by Small Paul on 6 January 2005 | Permalink

I think the 1152 resolution might be a thing for some Macs. Or maybe some laptops.

(Possibly even some Mac laptops.)

2 Posted by Alex Bischoff on 6 January 2005 | Permalink

1152x864 is one notch higher than 1024x768; Windows supports this and other OSes might as well. It can be handy for fitting more info on smaller monitors (17" or so) while still maintaining readability.

3 Posted by Roger Johansson on 6 January 2005 | Permalink

1152 x 864 is a pretty common resolution for Macs with smaller CRTs. At least that's what I used back when I had a 17" CRT.

But since you have more 1152 x 864 visitors than Mac visitors, it isn't a "Mac thing" ;-)

4 Posted by Marcello Cerruti on 7 January 2005 | Permalink

LOL, Yeah also I find 1152x864 a weird setting, but it's still an intermediate 4/3 ratio resolution between 1027x768 a 1280x960.
My current resolution (1280x1024) is even weirder, because it does not respect either the classic 4/3 ratio or the recent 16/10 (this one similar to the new 16x9 TV).
May be that 1152x864 is a good compromise for some monitors/videcards if you want a resolution higher than 1024x768 and stil an acceptable refresh rate.

It would be nice if this site statistics would be published on a weekly or mountly basis (with an archive page).
What I find really strange and interesting is that soooo many (54%)quirksmode visitors still use IE 6. I guess that some of those are Opera users with default Opera settings, but the figure is still impressive.

5 Posted by ppk on 7 January 2005 | Permalink

Thanks, all, for the 1152x864 clarifications.

Marcello, the 54 % IE visitors definitely do not include Opera users, since Reinvigorate uses my browser detect script which correctly detects Opera, even when it disguises itself as Explorer.

I'm going to publish stats occasionally, but not too often since people might get the wrong idea and start to use these stats as an indication of general fluctuations in browser use.

If you need stats, gather your own.

6 Posted by Philip Hazelden on 7 January 2005 | Permalink

I was also a bit surprised at the 54% IE6 stat, but I've probably just been hanging around too many elitists who are in some form of holy war against IE users and refuse to give them anything more than a lack of auto-detecting away (and not always that).

So congrats on not trying to push an agenda. It's very refreshing. :-)

7 Posted by ppk on 8 January 2005 | Permalink

The more I think of it, the more I feel you're on to something. I remember seeing an IE percentage of about 30 % somewhere recently, and that's really very little.

I don't believe that many people actively hinder IE users to browse their sites. I do believe, however, that IE users might find these sites not very interesting, maybe because of the constant IE bashing, maybe because "the IE user" has other interests.

Seen the other way around, sites with only 30 % IE visitors may fail to target Web developers in general, while anti-IE content and non-IE visitors reinforce each other to create an incrowdy, Firefoxy, restricted user base.

This is a cause for concern, not joy. Properly speaking, a site that explains how to create better websites should target those web developers who don't yet know how to do that; and guess which browser they mostly use?

Therefore, if a web development site has a low percentage of IE visitors it's failing in its purpose of reaching out to web developers and preaches only for the choir.

How do I increase the percentage of IE visitors to QuirksMode?

8 Posted by Chris Hester on 10 January 2005 | Permalink

LCD panels tend to come in 2 main sizes:

1. 15-inch, running at 1024 x 768
2. 17-inch, running at 1280 x 1024

There are many other variants of course. But CRT monitors can be set to a wide range of resolutions. My point is that one of them is 1152 x 864, which I used for a while on an old monitor I had. I found it was the best resolution I could get out of it.

LCDs can show other non-native resolutions, but they are fuzzy. Therefore they are best suited to a fixed resolution.

You should also have listed 640 x 480 as I bet this is still common.

9 Posted by Christiaan Kras on 10 January 2005 | Permalink

I use 1152 x 864 at home on a Windows XP pc. Nice resolution on a 15" CRT monitor.