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As I promised almost a month ago, I now proudly present the Bug Report system. Started as a simple sidebar on this page, the system aims to gather, explain and discuss any CSS or JavaScript browser bug.

Essentially the system is a slightly reworked Movable Type blog. Though I myself will post bugs with disturbing regularity, I want any reader of this site to be able to report bugs. After I have approved the report, it will appear as a fully-fledged blog entry, including the possibility for other web developers to leave comments, which (I hope) will lead to a fuller understanding of the bug. Of course anyone can subscribe to a lot of feeds and stuff: Atom, two flavours of RSS, and even more obscure formats, like RSD, of which I've never heard before.

At the moment it's an experimental system, both because I'm not yet quite sure I've solved all small interaction and technical problems properly, and because the system will have to prove itself. I expect visitors of this site to report bugs (readers have reported bugs to me for years, even when I didn't have time to properly assess them), but the question is whether they'll submit enough bugs to present a new one every working day, as is my plan now.

Fortunately I can ramsack this site for bug reports, and currently I have quite a few waiting in queue to be published. Nonetheless the system will fail if I'm the only bug reporter.

I have no idea if this will end in success or failure, but let's try anyway.

Next project: convert the homepage to a blog.

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