QuirksMode: first anniversary

I almost, but not quite, forgot that today is this site's first anniversary. Exactly one year ago I was very glad to finally publish it and put an end to an increasingly interminable development phase.

This milestone will be celebrated. Yesterday the Movable Type tool was succesfully installed on my server, because I'm going to move to a more blog-like approach on this page. Besides I'm looking for ways to turn the new Bug Report feature into a blog-like application, definitely including an RSS feed that brings daily and exciting browser bugs to a desktop near you.

Unfortunately I have absolutely zero time at the moment, since my clients decided to celebrate QuirksMode's first anniversary by giving me six new jobs in the last two weeks alone. I'm booked out completely next week, and have social events on all evenings. The week after that will be only slightly less full, and basically I don't expect any quiet until the end of the year.

Therefore this entry (probably one of the last written outside a blogging system) will have to suffice. I'm full of plans, and empty of time.

Apologies to the Bug Reporters whose work has gone unpublished, and apologies to web developers who might need the bug information I myself collected. It'll have to wait.

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