Fieldsets count as form fields

Explorer Windows and Mac, Mozilla and Opera see <fieldset>s as form fields, even though the spec doesn't mention them in the list of control types.

Mozilla and Opera allow change events on <fieldset>s, even though they don't make sense.

Test page. Workaround is not included.
Reported by ppk.

Explorer 5-6 Windows, Explorer 7, Explorer Mac, Mozilla, Opera | Reported on 25 November 2005.

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1 Posted by Nick Fitzsimons on 29 November 2005 | Permalink

I was caught by this one a few years ago. For what it's worth, the DOM Level 1 spec hints that fieldsets are in some sense controls, as they have a form attribute which "Returns the FORM element containing this control." It says the same thing about "legend".

2 Posted by Martin Ng on 12 October 2006 | Permalink

This is useful for capturing a change of value of fields within a fieldset. For example, to enable the submit button only when all fields are filled. Instead of registering event for every form elements, we just need to register one in the parent fieldset.