Fieldsets count as form fields

Explorer Windows and Mac, Mozilla and Opera see <fieldset>s as form fields.

Mozilla and Opera allow change events on <fieldset>s, even though they don't make sense.

Many browsers treat a <fieldset> as a form element, although the spec doesn't mention them in the list of control types.

document.forms.elements gives access to all form fields of a form. Explorer Windows, Mozilla, and Opera also offer access to <fieldset>s, even though they're not form fields.

When entering the page you saw an alert with all form fields your browser detected. As far as I'm concerned the <fieldset> doesn't belong there.

I defined a change event on all form fields. Change the value of the inputs below, and see which change events of which elements fire. The event on the <fieldset> shouldn't fire, in fact, it shouldn't be there at all. Nonetheless it fires in Mozilla and Opera.


Test fieldset