Hidden iframes don't work

Safari doesn't count iframes with display: none at all. They are not represented in the frames array and refreshing the pages in them is impossible, too.

Test page. Workaround is not included.
Reported by ppk.

Safari | Reported on 22 February 2005.

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1 Posted by Simon Proctor on 22 February 2005 | Permalink

If you want to have a hidden iframe to load stuf into why not put it in a 0px by 0px div with overflow hidden?

This seems to work in Konqueror and every browser I've tried in Windows. Haven't got round to trying Safari yet.

2 Posted by ppk on 22 February 2005 | Permalink

In this particular case I didn't want a permanently hidden iframe. I used several iframes, all of which but one are hidden, and I wanted to load a new page into a hidden iframe and then make it visible.

That didn't work in Safari, I had to make the iframe visible first, and then load the new page into it.

3 Posted by Vesa Piittinen on 22 February 2005 | Permalink

Does the bug occur also when you place iframe inside a hidden div? Can't test myself, I don't have a Mac.

4 Posted by Bart van Deenen on 25 February 2005 | Permalink

iframes with visibility:hidden work fine on Safari. I use them all the time to simulate xml http requests

5 Posted by David Wheeler on 16 June 2005 | Permalink

Yes, Bart, they do work, but they don't show up in the frames[] array, which is the disappointing part. Anyone know of another way to get at the iframe's window object?

6 Posted by Arthur Hebert on 5 July 2005 | Permalink

Well, you can always call getElementsByTagName("iframe");

I haven't tested this for the current situation, but in general I find this method to be more reliable than built-in support for special arrays. Good luck!

7 Posted by Noah on 10 August 2005 | Permalink

You can do this hack to hide your iframe:

iframe.style.width = "0px";
iframe.style.height = "0px";
iframe.style.border = "0px";

It's ugly, I know, but it works in Safari. However it does weird things in Mac IE, as it will still show scrollbars depending on what you have overflow set to...

Of course style.display="none" still works properly in Mac IE...

8 Posted by Brad Neuberg on 31 August 2005 | Permalink

You can also make it visible but move it off the page:

position: absolute;
top: -500px;
left: -500px;

This will move it off the page, but still make it visible to the DOM.